Addicted to weight loss shows…

When I do watch TV it’s usually a documentary or a movie. But lately I have been into weight loss shows like Heavy and Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Addition.
I love the fitblr community and the motivation it gives. I feel like watching these shows is on the same level. You are viewing this persons journey to get healthy. Seeing them fail at times makes me feel better, everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone can eat clean 100% and exercise 6-7 days out of week for hours. It’s just not possible.
I wish I didn’t need tons of motivation, I wish I could just stay focused and do this on my own.
I’m human. I’m lazy. I get tired. I make mistakes. I fall down. But I can also get back up.

Anyone else watch these types of shows? Can you suggest different ones for me to watch? I’m pumped!